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The Witches’ Hearth Sacred Salt Kit w/Laser Etched Palo Santo

Product Description

While the use of salt in the kitchen and hearth as a mundane spice and preservative is common, the spiritual practice of using different salts is just as diverse and useful. Our Witches’ Hearth Sacred Salt Kit includes a pack of black salt, Himalayan pink salt, and white Dead Sea salts, as well as a stick of laser engraved Palo Santo wood for clearing sacred space and helping to aid to various spiritual workings. We also included a skeleton key that can be incorporated into workings as a way to open doors or offer shelter for positive energies and spirits (or to lock out negative energies) when working with your salts!


  • Black Salt (traditionally made with coconut shell charcoal)
  • Our Dead Sea Salt
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 x Laser Etched Blessed Be Palo Santo Stick with pentagram (to burn when purifying your space)
  • 1 x Vintage Skeleton Key
  • 1 x Hemp string bag


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