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Aphrodite ritual incense by oud bahri is hand crafted with the intent to help invoke and connect with the goddess money and Make earn.
oud bahri is the Goddess of Money and wealth, Relax, fertility, prosperity, attraction and Attracting the oppositesex. She is Money Maker, the Chance star
(Wealth and attracted to the opposite gender is called)

oud bahri

In Better sell or in Money and wealth this oud bahri to open your heart and Thought invoke the power of this goddess. This incense is to invoke her, it is her charm, to surround you and fill you with her grace in rapturous embrace with her divinity.


oudbahri : magickally earthed in the microcosm to initiate and materialize spiritual or material work.

bahri oud incense are great because they are freshly blended with high quality components and contain a variety of herbs that work together with their corresponding energies to help cleanse your sacred space and lift the surrounding vibrational energies to help enhance your magick.

OudBahri is an effective ingredient in Jewish witchcraft

OudBahri History of Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh and Jewish Wizards and Star Worshipers

Hand blended, and spiritually charged, this herbal blend will assist in harboring and drawing forth the love and Money and wealth .

oud bahri ritual incense can be burned prior, before or after spell work, a ritual, meditation, projection or journey