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Aphrodite ritual incense by oud zaar is hand crafted with the intent to help invoke and connect with the goddess Aphrodite.Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity, attraction and sexual rapture. She is Venus, the morning star.(attracted to the opposite gender is called)بخور زار

In love or in lust burn this oud zaar to open your heart and invoke the power of this goddess. This incense is to invoke her, it is her charm, to surround you and fill you with her grace in rapturous embrace with her divinity.

oudzaar : magickally earthed in the microcosm to initiate and materialize spiritual or material work.

One may burn in home❤️with the intent to increase intimacy❤️ with ones lover, burn for nights of sex magic, burn in rituals to attract a lover, or to charm the pants off of others.(oud zaar)oud zaar 20

zaar oud incense are great because they are freshly blended with high quality components and contain a variety of herbs that work together with their corresponding energies to help cleanse your sacred space and lift the surrounding vibrational energies to help enhance your magick.

oudzaar is an effective ingredient in Jewish witchcraft

oudzaar History of Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh and Jewish Wizards and Star Worshipers

Hand blended, and spiritually charged, this herbal blend will assist in harboring and drawing forth the love

May be worked with as incense, in love mojo bags, spell work, to dress vigil candles or roll the outside of to dress a spell candle.

oud zaar ritual incense can be burned prior, before or after spell work, a ritual, meditation, projection or journey

Product of Brunei Oud( oud zaar):

Manufacturing process: The process begins with grinding plant ingredients into a powder.

Oils are then mixed into the plant ingredients, resulting in a powder

Our ” bukhoor zaar ” Herbal Spell Blend by ” Brunei Oud ” is filled with an autumnal aromatic and versatile blend of magickal herbs meant to assist you with a wide variety of spiritual and ritual workings.

Each incense blend is packaged in a Brown Cylindrical Stone apothecary

*secret ingredient :
A secret ingredient is a component of a product that is closely guarded from public disclosure for competitive advantage.
Sometimes the ingredient makes a noticeable difference in the way a product performs, looks or tastes; other times it is used for advertising puffery.
Companies can go to elaborate lengths to maintain secrecy, repackaging ingredients in one location, partially mixing them in another and relabeling them for shipment to a third, and so on. Secret ingredients are normally not patented because that would result in publication, but they are protected by trade secret laws. oud zaar 20
Employees who need access to the secret are usually required to sign non-disclosure agreements.