Al-Zaafaran International Trading L.L.C

Each Musk Ancient Elements Stick Incense by Sun’s Eye are handcrafted using the

“masala” tradition of crafting incense which originates from ancient India and use

s natural, plant-based ingredients to create an incense stick that is truly of this earth. The process begins with grinding plant ingredients into a powder. Oils are then mixed into the plant ingredients, resulting in a dough that is rolled onto a bamboo stick. The final step is to add a light coating of aromatic wood powder around each stick. This method of incense crafting makes for a high quality, divinely scented,

slow burning incense perfect for magickal or mundane use.

Burn musk incense for attraction, lust or dreamwork. Incense offers a sensual and smooth aroma.

SIZE: 8.0 inches long (standard incense size)