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Dragon’s Blood resin is a sweet smelling heartwood resin incense that comes from a tree known by the same name. Dragon’s blood is commonly used by people to add potency to their magick or to ritual cleanse ones space. You can also use incense resins as ingredients to make your own incense with as well. One could also use resins in combination with casting herbs, in offering bowls as well as charms too. Dragon’s blood is one of the more rare resin incense.

Dragon’s blood is a resin that come from a tree. Resins are, in essence, “hardened and dried sap.” Each pack contains dry dragon’s blood resin.

• Dragon’s Blood: A masculine resin that corresponds to the element of fire and is ruled by the planet of Mars. It is commonly used for love, exorcism, and to add potency to a spell or when working magick. It is said that dragon’s blood is a powerful protectant and will drive negativity away as well as banish evil. Dragon’s blood is also said to be used for sex magick as well.

Size: 1/2 oz. package